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Roof Cleaning Services

Our roof cleaning specialists can remove moss, dirt and grime from roof tiles and slate, restoring them back to their original colour.
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It was great having you come over guys, thanks for the hard work. It's looking so much better already. I still can’t believe how much you managed to scrape off.

MikeHemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Professional roof cleaning specialists based in Hertfordshire

Our team are fully qualified and only use the latest equipment and cleaning agents. Depending on your roof type, we’ll make sure your roof is cleaned correctly ensuring the moss growth and debris from the previous hot summers and warm, wet winters are cleaned and eradicated as best as possible. A ‘carpet’ of green moss growing on a roof can look very unattractive and can also lead to many other problems.

Damp roof tiles are very susceptible to the growth of moss and algae, which can cause damage both inside and out if left unchecked. In addition, gutters and downpipes can become blocked with the extra weight of wet moss, causing stress on roof structures. Also, during winter months the freeze and thaw process may cause roof tiles to break.

Save money on repairs and improve the look your home

The good news is that Mackie’s roof cleaning services are safe, effective and can be done very quickly. Additionally, the cost of roof cleaning is also within the budget of most homeowners. Whether you’re planning to sell your house, or you simply want to make a good impression on neighbours, keeping your roof clean will go a long way in making your house look great and ultimately reduce costs on repair.

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